For NHL Hockey, lines are posted the afternoon before game day with overnight limits of $1,000, $2,000 and $1,000.

You may expect full limits to be available as of 6:30 am Pacific on the day of the game.

The full NHL limits are based on the type of wager placed and are as follows:

For NHL OT Included, the limit for spread and total goals bets is $3,000. For money line bets the limit is $6,000.

The Home/Away goals limit is $2,000 across.

For NHL reg Time, the limit is $3,000 for spreads and money lines.

For 1st period wagers, the limit is $1,000 across.

For NHL OT included team totals the limits are $1,000.

These lines are available the day of the game by 6:30 am Pacific time. Limits during the playoffs will be increased.