The Pinnacle Lite Android app requires the ability to write new files to your device's internal storage only in scenarios when there is a critical issue with the app (such as a bug).

To download the app for Android go to 


In this case, we will automatically send a file to your device which will fix the issue, and you will be notified in the app that an update is available. When you accept the update, the app will install the new files to fix the issue automatically. Because we are putting a new file on your device, we are required to get your permission to write to your internal storage/SD card.


The privacy notice that your device shows during installation is standard for all Android apps that require this permission. Please be assured that the Pinnacle Lite app will never modify or delete contents of your device's storage and will only be used for the purposes described above.

For more information or to download the Pinnacle Lite app, please go to this link: